The Story of a


My journey in the world of visual arts started when I bought my first Spiderman comic book at the age of 8 years old. This love would land me a place in the exclusive, middle school, magnet program, New World School of the Arts in Miami. My dedication would send me to the Kansas City Art Institute of Missouri where I would graduate with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.

My love for the arts opened many doors to Illustration, graphics design, web development, and now photography, and video. Working in these fields allowed me to open my photography company where we specialize in corporate headshots, weddings, and corporate events in South Florida.

I am a seasoned photographer, using my artistic eye and technical expertise to capture the world's beauty through my lens. My portfolio showcases a wide range of subjects, that aims to capture that signature look.

Father of four wonderful children, who brings me joy and inspiration every day, making for a life rich in both creativity and personal fulfillment.